Feeling Powerless to Change your Situation? Try Poking Fun at your Frustrations

Why do we joke and laugh about sensitive topics that hit a nerve?Experience teaches us that when we feel powerless to influence or change a situation, poking fun at it helps us to rise above our circumstances and feel superior to our troubles.   What causes your pain? Is it the high cost of gasoline, setbacks caused by learning a new … Read more

Humor Helps to Effectively Communicate Hurt Feelings without Causing a Scene

Have you ever set yourself up to be disappointed by your expectations?Jumped to wrong conclusions? Interpreted a situation differently than it was intended, and took offense when none was meant? Such was the case of my big, beautifully wrapped present. I wished I had called on my sense of humor to communicate my hurt feelings, in … Read more

Inject Humor into Your Workplace – Without Harming Your Reputation

Can Humor at Work Harm Your Reputation? The answer is yes…if your workplace is not a “fun-friendly” environment and suffers from “terminal seriousness.” If you are having fun on the job, you might be accused of goofing off, wasting time and not being productive. Your professionalism could be questioned and you could lose the respect of … Read more