What do you do when life looks ugly? Character Keynote / Signature Story

“When life knocks you down, humor is the magic wand that cushions your fall, lifts you back up, and points you in a new direction.” -Lois McElravy

Handling the pressures and demands of everyday, ordinary life are enough to drag us down.What happens when unexpected or uncontrollable circumstances knock us flat? Our sense of humor vanishes and we turn “terminally serious.”

Lois grew up believing that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to do. She never considered her mind would turn out to be her biggest challenge. Lois shares her emotional journey of confronting her personal loss and adjusting to a sudden life change caused by a brain injury. Her character, Louis, reminds us that laughter is the best medicine, but there will be times when we are unable to laugh. So then… what do you do when life looks ugly?

Program Description –

Things are not as they first appear. Life doesn’t always make sense. Call on your sense of humor to distance yourself from disappointments, and gain a new perspective.

Things don’t always go as planned. It’s the unexpected and uncontrollable happenings that push you past your limits. Laughter is your pressure relief valve.

Are you going to let your difficulties ruin your day? Develop a survival kit of secret weapons and take a time-out from the pressures and demands of everyday life to relieve stress and rejuvenate.

Ask is not a four-letter word. Help is available, if you ask. Seek your internal wisdom and listen to your “little voice.”

Look for the treasures in your trials. When life doesn’t go your way, find a way.

Never give-up or lose hope. When you least expect, something wonderful happens.


LOUIS – Character performance  (Meet Louis)

Louis says, “Laughter may be the best medicine. But, what do you do when life looks ugly, and you wish you could find a way to laugh about your circumstances, but you can’t?”
  • Benefits of a Sense of Humor and Laughter
  • Secret Weapons – Stress Buster Strategies

LOIS – Brain Injury Signature Story

Lois says, “Larry asked me if I was going to let my brain injury ruin every day. After careful consideration of 30 seconds, I told him … yes, I think I will.”  Larry said, “I don’t think you have to.”
  • Overcome “Terminal Seriousness”
  • Accept your Flaws or Uniqueness
  • Ask is not a Four-Letter Word
  • Listen to Your Internal Wisdom
  • Dare to Feel Happy in the Midst of Trying Times
  • Never Give-up or Lose Hope – Wonderful Things Still Happen!

Program Outcomes and Benefits –

PROGRAM PERSONALIZATION: Lois interviews each client to identify their current challenges and future hopes and dreams. During her presentation, she highlights the segments of her story that relate to the client’s specific needs or goals. Lois shares life-changing insights, humor strategies, and practical solutions that participants can easily apply to overcome barriers and attain their own aspirations.

Participants will:

  • laugh and feel good
  • vow to laugh more and take time for fun
  • commit to incorporate daily strategies to release stress and rejuvenate
  • identify with the emotions and attitudes triggered by unexpected 
    or uncontrollable situations or when things don’t go as planned
  • be stimulated to examine their response to challenge and adversity
  • obtain tools to help them accept the things they are powerless to change
  • be reminded to pause, breathe and look for a new perspective 
  • learn humor strategies to cope with difficulties and enjoy the funny side of life
  • be motivated to develop creative solutions
  • grow confidence to take risks and try new approaches
  • expand their ability to transform troubles into triumphs
  • recognize the benefits, remove resistance and gain courage to ask for help
  • be inspired to listen to their “little voice”
  • refuse to give-up or lose hope
  • commit to conquer their challenges through the practice of doing
    many small things, consistently, over an extended period of time
  • feel hopeful and believe that no matter what happens, they will figure it out.

Program Length:  90 minutes