When life knocks you down, “Humor is the Magic Wand” that cushions your fall, lifts you back up and points you in a new direction.

You will experience times in your life when it feels impossible to laugh. But once you do, something magical happens. You forget your fears and you find hope. You know that you will figure things out and you will be O.K.

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Do you long for more humor and laughter in your life? Lois is studying the therapeutic benefits of humor and laughter with AATH’s Humor Academy. Humor tips and strategies from the Humor Expert!

Looking for a keynote speaker who uses humor to inspire hope and motivate action? Lois is a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association. Learn more at the Motivational Speaker, Lessons from Lois

Get life-changing insights and tools for managing brain injury from a survivor’s perspective based on twenty years of personal experience of living with a brain injury at The Mind Maze and Brain Injury Thriver.