The Serendipity Advantage

Turning Discouragements into Desired Developments
Article Text: Why doesn’t anything ever go the way it is supposed to go- or more appropriately, how WE THINK it ought to go?
When life throws us a low blow or corners us with experiences we would not choose, it is natural to feel victimized. When our carefully laid plan runs into a snag or goes haywire without any warning, we complain that life is not fair. Even though we don’t get to choose all of our life experiences, we get the freedom to choose how we respond.

Recently, a conference planner booked my flight to Nashville through, without realizing that the predetermined flight arrangements we had agreed on would not be honored. When I received my e-ticket, my 7-hour flight had morphed into a 10-hour flight.

Sitting on my impulse to demand that the conference planner pay the $100 fee to rebook my flight, I chose to explore the possibilities by applying the Serendipity Advantage. With playful curiosity, I wondered, “What opportunities does this inconvenience provide me, which didn’t exist before? Is there someone I am to meet at the ticket desk in Denver while requesting to fly standby? During my layover? On the later flight? What can I do to make this turn out well?”

Experience has taught me that situations I had initially perceived to be gross impositions turned out to be strokes of luck disguised by mishap or misfortune – I accepted the plane reservation.

Have you considered that the minor inconveniences or disruptions which trigger major agitation, anxiety, or disappointment could serve to purposely direct you to discover a hidden treasure?

Unlock the power of the Serendipity Advantage. Look for ways to turn discouragements into desirable developments, and you will discover the treasure in your trials.

In the end…things turn out exactly how they were supposed to turn out…don’t they?

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Lois McElravy, Lessons from Lois, works with individuals and organizations who want to learn how to use the power of humor and the magic of laughter to handle the demands and pressures of work and home, adjust to constant change, deal with difficult people, cope with the unpredictable swift pace of life, product positive outcomes and have more fun.

Learning to laugh and “hangin’ on with humor” rescued Lois from the distress and despair surrounding her daily life, and initiated her recovery from a brain injury. Lois’ keynotes and trainings entertain, inspire and stimulate audiences to examine their own response to challenge and adversity. Hilarious personal stories, “Lessons from Lois” impart life-changing insights and equip participants with humor strategies and practical solutions to overcome the seriousness of their life challenges and feel happy.

Her universal message renews hope and motivates others to consistently do small things so they can achieve amazing results one day at a time.

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