Lois McElravy, Lessons from Lois, works with individuals and organizations who want to learn how to use the power of humor and the magic of laughter to handle the demands and pressures of work and home, so they can maintain a flexible perspective, adjust to constant change, develop creative solutions, survive the seriousness of their life challenges, thrive in the face of adversity, and have more fun.


Lois McElravy grew up believing that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to do.  Little did she know her mind would turn out to be her greatest challenge.

Eighteen years ago, Lois was living a life she loved. In a split second, everything changed. Without warning, a utility truck crashed into her car, and shattered her promising future. The resulting brain injury she suffered may have destroyed Lois’ life plans, but not her spirit. Learning to laugh and “hangin’ on with humor” rescued her from the distress and despair surrounding her daily life, and initiated her recovery.

Doctors told Lois that 2 years post injury was the best she could hope for her brain to recover. Even though her situation felt hopeless, Lois never gave up striving to improve. When Lois was 12 years post injury, she started to experience some noticeable improvements with brain function. When Lois asked her doctors to explain why her brain function was improving, they answered, “It is a result of your consistent effort of doing many small things over an extended period of time.”

When Lois was 14 years post injury, she started her own motivational speaker business, Lessons from Lois. She was accepted into National Speakers Association three years later.

Today, Lois passionately paves the way for others to rebound “when life looks ugly.” Her universal message inspires audiences – “never give-up or lose hope.” Lois motivates participants to boldly ask for help and be faithful to do the small things, so they can conquer their challenges, and achieve their goals one day at a time.

Lois lives in Missoula, Montana with her husband Larry. She is an award winning Toastmaster and a member of National Speakers Association. You can read Lois’ brain injury story and the published humor articles she has written on her website.

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