Meet Louis and Learn What Louis Represents

Lois’ character keynote opens with Louis taking the stage to entertain the audience with some fun reminders about the power of humor and the magic of laughter. 

Louis says, “There is only one problem with laughter, and that is when we need it the most, we can’t find it. So…what do you do when life looks ugly and you would give anything to laugh, but can’t?”

Louis introduces “Secret Weapon” Survival Strategies which enable you to rediscover your sense of humor and experience the healing power of laughter. He teaches a three step process that helps you transform “ugly” circumstances.

Dancing to a Shania Twain song, Louis transforms into Lois, who relates what Louis’ transformation represents: 

  • Things are not always as they first appear – 
    even in the ugliest of circumstances, there 
    are hidden treasures, waiting to be revealed.
  • Stripping away Lois’ wrong beliefs that 
    her brain injury had destroyed all future 
    possibilities for a meaningful, happy life. 
  • Shedding her fears that she would be an 
    embarrassment or a burden to her family. 
  • Stepping out from behind her mask of 
    limitations –
     taking inventory of what she
    had to work with and putting it to good use.
  • Letting go of who she was and how she 
    wanted her life to be.
  • Accepting her new reality and 
    embracing who she was still to be.

Louis creates a memorable visual and delivers a message that is not easily forgotten.
“Lois/Louis offer a dynamic presentation that provokes the audience to open both mind and heart. Through their story our leadership was refreshed to the potential of success from failure, of the effort that perseverance takes, of the demand and risk of appearing foolish, and of the myriad of professional and personal masks we offer each other and so readily take up ourselves. Lois and Louis share a slice of their journey and in such a lesson of the journey that we are all on in our relationships with our customers, colleagues, families and communities. “ -Geoffrey M. Lauer / National Director of Affiliate Relations Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA)

Newspaper Articles Featuring Lois and Louis:

  • Nebraska Brain Injury Conference 2007 Grand Island Independent article: (attach pdf)

  • Dickinson, N.D. Women’s Expo 2006 Feature  (attach pdf)

  • Missoulian article: (click here)

Read what people say Louis taught them –

“Strip away negativity. Look for treasures in adversity. Stay playful and ask for help. Lois, you’re an inspiration for everyone.” -Cassie / Wnds of Change Caregiver Conference

“That life isn’t always funny, but we can learn to laugh. Thanks Lois and Louis – You’re awesome, inspiring, and entertaining…helping all of us learn the lessons of life that are meaningful.” -Jamie M. / YWCA Staff Retreat

“Good advice for individuals facing great change. Learn to adapt to situations, not “fix” them.” -Kevin M. /Dakota Prairie Grasslands Diversity Training

“Louis is GREAT! I will quit fighting for what will never be and work with what is there.” – Laurel / Glendive Public Schools Shaping the Future Conference / PIR Training

“No matter what happens – life has room for funny.” Heather / Nebraska Health and Human Services

How You Can Get Louis’ “Secret Weapon” Survival Strategies –

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