Guidelines to Develop Your Serendipity Advantage

Transform Troubles into Treasures

Serendipity is defined as the gift of making fortunate discoveries by accident. The “Serendipity Advantage” is a belief that everything happens for a reason, and the ability to turn those unexpected troubles into unanticipated treasures.

Al Siebert, PhD, Author of the Survivor Personality says, “Life’s best survivors are better than most at quickly turning a disruptive event or adversity into a desirable development.”-

Follow these seven guidelines to develop “your” Serendipity Advantage and turn your unexpected troubles into unanticipated treasures:

1) Reset stressful emotions and overpower panic with your sense of humor. Ask, “Who ordered this?” Or declare, “Bring it on … I can take it!” Call someone and tell them, “You won’t believe what I’ve got to tell you!” Slow down, breath deeply and calm your emotions so you can think rationally.

2) Reflect on past experiences to eliminate fears, regain courage and build self-confidence. Recall sayings or quotations that helped you get through other difficult situations – “I’ve been in tough spots before, and I’ve always figured it out.”

3) Quit fighting the things you are powerless to change – surrender to your new reality and let go of “how you wanted things to be.”

4) Take inventory of “what is” and explore ways to turn the situation around to benefit you. Play with the possibilities, adopting a childlike sense of wonder and playful curiosity.

5) Look for the hidden treasure in the adversity. Ask yourself “What did I gain from this experience? Was it a lesson learned, an insight acquired, or a deeper understanding?

6) Do something. Don’t over-plan – identify the first step and jump in. Free yourself to ask for assistance, take risks; be willing to make mistakes and even look silly.

7) Pay attention. Listen to your “little voice.” Tap into your internal wisdom. Trust your intuition.

This article was adapted from The Survivor Personality with special permission from Al Siebert, PhD, Director of The Resiliency Center, author of The Survivor Personality, and The Resiliency Advantage, winner,”2006 Best Self-Help Book” award

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