Brain Injury Educational Event on March 10th

Brain Injury: What you need to know

Free educational event – open to the Public
Saturday, March 10th, 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Broadway Building Conference Center, St. Patrick Hospital
Missoula, Montana

The Montana Neuroscience Institute Foundation and the Montana Brain Injury Center are hosting a day full of brain injury presentations on a wide range of brain injury topics which include veteran blast injuries, brain injury research and rehabilitation after brain injury plus two sessions about sports concussions. A short break and small snack are provided.

The knowledge, therapies, treatments and medications which are available now provide today’s brain injury survivor a quicker and more complete recovery than when I sustained my brain injury twenty-two years ago. What is most exciting?  A person living with brain injury can continue to experience improved brain function years after the two year post injury marker that used to be the standard predictor for maximum recovery.  Twelve years post injury I regained vocabulary words previously lost, could better tolerate noisy environments and my ability to learn new things got easier. Fifteen years post injury I regained the ability to follow a plot and read novels!

Brain injury is a chronic health condition that requires life-long medical treatment.  Please join me on Saturday March 10th to learn the latest and greatest in brain injury education.

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