Comfort and Console with Laughter

Nothing is more exasperating than someone who provokes us to laugh 
when we feel entitled to harbor negative emotions. Laughter lifts our mood,
adjusts our perspective, and interferes with our attempts to wallow in
misery. Despite our will to remain aloof, laughter magically connects us
to others, and restores hope.

So, what leads us to question whether laughter is appropriate, or not,
during dispiriting times? The fear of offending someone in distress 
prompts us to refrain from consoling through laughter. However, 
it is possible to gently comfort and encourage with laughter by
following these tips:

  • abstain from poking fun at the person or their
  • zero in with self-effacing humor or
  • simply appreciate the ironies of life together.

When someone you care for is down in the dumps, console with laugher; 
the benefits merit the risks.

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