Holiday Cheer for Your Chore List

The countdown to Christmas dwindles along with our energy while the urgency increases to cross through the tasks on our multiple “to do lists.” Avoid becoming “terminally serious” this holiday season by injecting some fun into your “to do lists.” Sprinkle a few chuckles amongst the chores by using humorous absurdities, exaggerations or opposites to include entries like:

  1. Seduce __________. (insert name of lover / husband / partner)
  2. Compliment __________. (difficult neighbor)
  3. Don’t confuse #1 with #2.
  4. Spoil __________. (grandkids or list someone you would not spoil)
  5. Bribe / blackmail _________ to cook the family Christmas dinner.
  6. Buy a secret Santa gift for ME. 
  7. Reward myself with pie (the WHOLE pie) or favorite desert.
  8. Throw a fit.
  9. Call Obama for a pep talk.
  10. Sign up with Sarah Palin to learn how to fake it … until I make it.

Want to take it a step farther and have some fun with your family, friends or co-workers?

  1. Make bogus lists or add nonsense items to your lists. (Nonsense defined as things which are not typical for you or them.)
  2. Then purposely leave your list out in the open where others will read it and think you’ve lost your mind.
  3. Include mysterious entries like “drop off tattoo design.”
  4. List a grocery item that your family hates or uncommon things like “beef tongue or chicken feet.”
  5. On the office party sign-up sheet, list something out of season or odd like “pixie sticks.” 
  6. If you ask others for gift ideas or menu suggestions and you don’t get any response, pencil-in items they would not like or want.

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the items on your “To Do Lists?” Take the power back by writing a bold “or NOT” behind some of the items of lesser importance.

Or create a “NOT to do list” to keep you from over-doing.

It takes extra effort to incorporate humor into the hustle of holiday preparations. Not only will you increase your enjoyment, you create lasting memories to treasure.

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