How Can a Little Humor and a Little Lipstick Change How You Can?

What changes can you make to decrease your holiday havoc and increase your holiday enjoyment?

You can … spend less time decorating by opting to put up only a portion of your decorations.
You can … reduce the mental strain of shopping and save on shipping costs by giving gift cards.
You can … limit the number of recipes you bake and still provide a variety of goodies by participating in a cookie exchange. 
You can … cut back on the number of parties and events you plan to attend, so you don’t run yourself ragged.

Yes you can … change how you choose to spend your time and energy to prepare for the holidays. But there are some things you can’t change.

You can’t change … long lines at the post office.
You can’t change … heavy traffic.
You can’t change … out of stocks at the grocery store.
You can’t change … disrupted travel plans due to a bad storm.
You can’t change … strange relatives.

Even if there are some things you can’t change… 
You can change … how you choose to deal with the things … you can’t change.

Repeating this humorous saying I found on a Christmas ornament might provide the comfort and hope you need to quickly move past your disappointment. “Put on a little lipstick, you’ll be fine.” It makes me giggle every time I say it. The variations are endless. “Sing your favorite song, call your best friend, eat one more tiny piece of fudge…you’ll be fine.”

When holiday havoc threatens to crush your holiday spirit, try repeating a humorous saying to immediately release your frustration. Your emotional state will magically change from uptight to upbeat. Then you can … fully enjoy your holidays.

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