Listen to the Wisdom of Your Little Voice

When you don’t know what to think, perhaps the best advice would be to postpone thinking and shift into listening mode.

Julie Powell, author of the best selling book Julie and Julia, shared her success story at the Missoula Businesswomens Network’s Fifth Women’s Symposium last Saturday, February 20, 2010. Julie candidly told the 400 women who attended the luncheon she did not develop nor follow a business plan to write her best selling novel which was then made into a movie starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. She pointed out how both chance and perfect timing played a major role in finding her voice as a writer. Julie contributed her success to listening to the wisdom of her little voice.  She said, “The crazier your ‘little voice’ is, the more you want to listen.”

Do you listen to your little voice?  Or do you ignore, over-rule and discount what your little voice tells you, based on whether you agree or not?

One of my blessings acquired from living with a brain injury was tuning in to hear my little voice. Previous to my brain injury,

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