The Ins and Outs of Humor in the Workplace

Healthy humor is inviting and makes people feel welcome and comfortable.Employees who laugh and have fun together build rapport and bond as a team.

But even a fun workplace can isolate or alienate workers. When a group of people have worked together for a period of time, there are bound to be some inside stories or jokes that elicit laughter with the mere mention of a single word. Someone who isn’t familiar with the group’s humor won’t understand what’s so funny. If no one thinks to let them in on the humor and they are not comfortable asking, they get left out. They might even misinterpret that the laughter is somehow directed at them.

To avoid creating barriers with inside stories or jokes, follow this simple rule – the humor environment includes anyone who can hear what is being said. Be aware of those who aren’t in on the humor, particularly new employees. Explain why everyone’s laughing, so they feel like a welcomed member of your team.

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