Dare To Feel Happy NOW!

“The greatest gift we can give our self is the ability to feel happy right now.” – Lois McElravy

Do you …

  • long for more happiness in your life?
  • allow unexpected difficulties to crush your happy mood?
  • unknowingly withhold your happiness if everything isn’t perfect or until you’ve finished all of your work?
  • attach your happiness to a future event, when you achieve a major goal or for a time when your circumstances change?
  • wish you could feel happy right now, no matter what?

Dare to feel happy NOW, not when …

  • you lose weight.
  • your spouse or partner pitches in to help.
  • your credit card gets paid off.
  • your children grow up, leave home or return to visit.
  • you finally get a day off from work.

In this session you will gain insights and learn strategies to develop motivational mindsets and create positive habits that will equip you to:

  • love yourself unconditionally, just as you are right now.
  • deal with relationship stress.
  • cope with financial worries.
  • manage the emotional ups and downs of parenting.
  • feel happy in the midst of tough times at work and at home.

Activities: Participants will fill in a personal worksheet to identify one area of their life where they want more happiness and examine what changes they can make to feel happier right NOW. Each person will create a mantra to help them develop their new habit.