Develop Your Humor Habit – How to See the Funny in Your Everyday Ordinary Life

“One of life’s ironies is that when we need our sense of humor the most, we discover it has escaped.” -Lois McElravy

Things don’t always go as planned and life doesn’t always make sense, which is why we need a well developed sense of humor. But, humor doesn’t always make sense either. Once we understand how humor works, our ability to effectively use humor increases. As our skill and confidence grow, humor becomes a powerful tool with vast potential to improve the quality and enjoyment of our personal and professional life.

In this workshop, participants expand their knowledge and understanding of humor and laughter, so they can enjoy the ironies and appreciate the humor everyday life provides. They learn how to use the power of humor and laughter to reset stressful emotions, gain a new perspective, discover creative solutions, build relationships, deal with the unpredictable swift pace of work and home, and have more fun. 

Program Benefits and Outcomes -

Explore Your “Humor Potential”
  • Hilarious personal stories illustrating how to use the power of humor
Gain an Understanding – What Humor Is and How Humor Works
  • What makes us laugh? – Examine three humor theories
  • Humor histories – Learn about five humor backgrounds
  • Humor personalities – Humor is not one-size fits all
  • Healthy humor vs harmful humor
  • How to deflect hurtful humor
Define and Refine Your “Unique” Sense of Humor
  • Assess your sense of humor
  • Understand your humor beliefs
  • Examine your humor habits
  • Identify your humor personality
Create Your Humor Survival Kit
  • Learn how to think funny
  • Look for the humor in everyday situations
  • Humor breaks / Humor buddy / Humor journal / Humor props

Program Length: 60 minute workshop
90 minute workshop includes 30 additional minutes of training:
Learn how to laugh at yourself – Accepting your flaws or uniqueness

Develop Your Humor Habit Program on CD – One Hour Audio
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