Lois presented a 2-1/2 hour workshop called “Humor in the Workplace” at the 1st Annual Manage to Laugh event in Billings, Montana. Participants were captivated from the moment he (she) was introduced until she wrapped up her words of humor wisdom. I was amazed at how easily she transported the audience from laughter to the verge of tears and back again with such understated finesse. Her stories, personal experiences, and ability to appreciate and share humor made her the hit of the day. Tam Rodier CAP, Administrative Coordinator, City of Billings RIM ROCK CHAPTER IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals) On behalf of the entire Manage to Laugh planning committee, thank you for the informative and entertaining workshop you presented – it was awesome! We were quite pleased with the responses we heard after your presentation. The words “inspiring”, “awesome” and “funny” came up repeatedly. We also took pleasure in hearing people discuss which of your suggestions for bringing humor into the workplace they were going to try themselves.