“Lois made our Women’s Expo! She brought laughter and a lot of thought to kick-off our fifth annual event. Each year we try to provide an upbeat and positive start to our event. Lois did more than that as she transformed from a rather old, wrinkled gent to a beautiful woman. She brought tears and laughter as the audience took in her message of learning to deal with adversity, that all things are possible, just maybe not how you thought. She showed how a very successful woman could be knocked down but not out. How to overcome and succeed no matter what life throws your way. It will be hard to find anyone with as much pizzazz, humor and personality. She revealed or should I say unveiled herself to everyone. She shared how she dealt with trauma, depression, loss… to become a new person, with a whole new outlook on life. We all loved having you here and these testimonials are just a small sampling of how you won over the crowd … with pure honesty and love. Here are a few of the quotes we received from viewers. The response was extremely positive. Best keynote speaker ever … She made you change your attitude on life. WOW! What a great speaker you had … She made me rethink my minor ailments. Great keynote … She gave me a new outlook on life … I can overcome my shortcomings. Awesome … That’s all I can say … She showed that you can overcome anything if you activate your mind or another part of your mind. I looked at her and man…she was unbelievable. Your keynote was so good … Her transformation … If only we all thought like that and dug deep into our innards and really became who we could be.”