“Don’t Get Mad, Get Funny” -Judy Carter

Our Symposium keynote speaker Judy Carter says, “Don’t get mad, get funny. And show some appreciation.”

My son phoned to give me a warning, “Mom, if someone calls and wants you to verify your credit card information, don’t give it to them.”

His concern was sweet, yet I was annoyed. I wanted to ask, “Do you think I came from the “stupid factory?” Instead, I paused, and then meekly replied, “O.K.”

He picked up on my tone, “MOM…Did someone call you to verify your credit card?”

I paused and in my convincing voice said, “No.”

He said, “MOM! Someone called you! What did you tell them?”

I paused and then answered, “They wanted the three digit number from the back of my card.” I could hardly keep from exploding with laughter.

He paused. “Andy? Are you still there?”

He answered, “MOM! You didn’t!”

“That’s correct… pause … I didn’t.”

I giggled, he laughed, “Not funny, MOM.”

I told him, “I appreciate your concern, but I wasn’t born yesterday.”

HUMOR TIP: The next time someone treats you like you came from the “stupid factory,” don’t take offense. Instead pause and then have a little fun with them.

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