Humor is the Magic Wand that Turns Agitation into Appreciation

One of the ironies of life is that as the sparkle of any new relationship dulls, the traits and behaviors which were once endearing or used to make you chuckle, now agitate and annoy you.

This month, surprise a friend, co-worker, family member, spouse or partnerby telling them something you love about them. The next time they tick you off, call on your sense of humor to help ease your frustration by reminding yourself, “At least they (insert that quality you love about them.”)

Example: One thing that I immediately loved about Larry when we first married was that he was not demanding of me in regards to mealtime, cleaning or doing laundry. He was willing to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich if I didn’t feel like cooking…but he didn’t step up to cook(unless it was BBQ season). He was willing to eat off of paper plates, in lieu of helping with dishes. If I fell behind with laundry, he would wear a mismatched outfit that needed ironing and never complain.

What I love about Larry is that he makes do, and never criticizes nor complains. What ticks me off, is that he doesn’t pitch in to help, unless I specifically ask him.

The magic of humor – When I am cleaning up the mess from cooking a nice meal, and getting crabby because Larry didn’t help, I smile and think, “At least … Larry doesn’t expect me to be June Cleaver.” (Leave it to Beaver’s Mom from the 60’s.)

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