EFHAR – When Troubles Miraculously Turn into Triumphs

“EHFAR.” That’s what I told my husband Larry as he drove me to catch a plane to Bismarck last week.

He said, “There is no way you will make your flight. We left the house too late. You need to get more organized!”

We arrived barely one-half hour before my flight left. The ticket agent surprised both of us when she smiled and said, “Just in time!”

Larry tailed me to security, to make sure I would get through. There were only two people ahead of me, a distressed young mother and her daughter. The security guard lectured the mother, “I must throw your liquids in the trash, unless you put them into a plastic bag.” They didn’t have a plastic bag. But I did.

With no time to eat breakfast, I grabbed two hard boiled eggs and put them into a baggie to eat on the plane. I quickly emptied the hard boiled eggs into my jacket pocket, and handed her my baggie.

I winked at my exasperated husband, and said, “See, I told you…EHFAR!(Everything Happens For A Reason) If I had not been running behind schedule, I would not have shown up at this exact time with an extra plastic bag!”

With that said, I floated through security, and boarded my flight. But not before turning to take one last peek at Larry, glued to the floor and stunned speechless.

The next time you feel disappointed or convinced that your circumstances are hopeless, remember EHFAR!

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