Smile! Your Brain Believes What Your Face Says

Do you smile because you feel happy, or do you feel happy because you smile? The correct answer is…YES!

Do you remember a happy time when you grinned so big that your face ached? We associate smiling to be a reflection of happiness or a bi-product stemming from the ability to enjoy a humorous perspective.

But, did you know that you can improve your mood simply by smiling? If you feel grumpy or negative, pasting a smile on your face, even a fake one, triggers the release of brain chemicals that produce a sense of well being. Breaking into a smile during difficulties is a sure way to stimulate your sense of humor, so you can distance yourself from your disappointments, and find a way to laugh about the unexpected situations that knock you off balance.

One way to increase how often you smile is to pause at the top of every hour to take in a deep breath, and smile on the exhale. Your brain believes what your face says. Act happy and you will feel happy.

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