Laugh at What You Do without Making Fun of Who You Are

Using humor as a positive coping mechanism to accept our flaws and blunders builds our self-esteem. When we learn how to separate who we are from what we do, we can laugh about the silly things we do without making fun of who we are. The key word is using positive, playful humor, not putdowns, ridicule or negative sarcasm. After … Read more

Learn How to Think Funny by Observing

“Thinking funny” comes natural to some and not to others, doesn’t it? But, what if it was fun and easy to jump start your process of “thinking funny?” It is and here’s how: PAY ATTENTION. Start paying attention when you hear laughter, observe and notice what appears to be funny to others.  NEXT ASK yourself, “Why … Read more

Humor, Your Pressure Release Valve

Two major causes of stress are unexpected or uncontrollable circumstances. Acute stress causes the two hemispheres of our brain to become disconnected. This explains why we might feel flustered, fumble, drop things, and make mistakes, when we feel stressed out. If we are able to look for the humor in that moment, smile, and find a way … Read more

Acting Silly is Your Fail-Safe April Fool’s Strategy

April Fool’s Day is widely considered the official day for pulling “appropriate” pranks or hoaxes on unsuspecting or gullible friends (or foe), family members, co-workers and neighbors. To be a successful jokester requires three traits; the courage to take risks, the willingness to act silly and the confidence to appear foolish in front of others. These … Read more

To Fool or Be Fooled, that is the Agenda on April Fool’s Day

The key to a fun day of tricking one another is to use careful consideration when plotting your pranks. Jokes and gags must be in good taste so you will not hurt someone’s feelings, cause panic or do harm. The best pranks require that you are believable. Look for the “soft spot” in each person you want to … Read more